Tuesday, February 9th

Boudin Sliders

Broken Arrow wild boar boudin

Sweet Mesquite Bakery slider buns

Cajun remoulade

Onion rings




Blackened Drum

Blackened Texas Gulf drum

Veggie studded sticky rice

Texas Gulf shrimp & scallop etouffee


512 Intense Margarita  8.5

512 Reposado Tequila

Intense Ginger liquor

Ancho Reyes Chile Lime liquor

Fresh squeezed orange & lime juice

Agave nectar


Zilker Brewing Co.

Pale Ale 6

Austin, TX

Strawberries & Cream Bread Puddng



Lemon Pie


JAK's takes pride in partnering with various local Texas Farmers, Vintners, Distillers, & Brewers. Please remember to visit your local Farmer's Market.