Thursday, October 27th

Salmon Belly Salad
Applewood smoked salmon

Amador Farms mixed greens

Fresh cucumber & tomato

Toasted pecans

Lemon basil vinaigrette

Pure Luck goat feta

House Cut Pork Chop

Texas sweet chile mustard marinade
Two Happy Children butterkin puree

Animal Farms heirloom okra carrot relish

Johnson's Backyard Garden bacon fat collards

Menger Pumpkin Ale  6

Branchline Brewery

San Antonio, TX


Halloween O'Rita  8
Z Pepe Blanco Tequila, Paula's Orange liquor
Cranberry lime mix, freash sqeezed orange & cranberries
Fee Brother's orange bitters, Black sea salt rim
Created by Stephanie Lindow


Indaba Chenin Blanc 7

South Africa


William Chris Mary Ruth White Blend 9

Hye, Texas

Texas Apple Cobbler



Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie


JAK takes pride in partnering with various local Texas Farmers, Vintners, Distillers, & Brewers. Please remember to visit your local Farmer's Market.